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Amber, yest I did have the Lyme test. Problem was I had two doases, zip pack and 21 day dose of Docsycyline prior to the test. Most research says the test will turn up Negative which it dod. A friend of mine had it also and it took them 4 test, last went to a Special lab in CA. before it came back positive. Go on line and read about Jimmy Walker Professional Golfer. I was watching an interview with him and that is when the Light Bulb went off in my head. Every symptom I had he had! It took him I don't know how many doctors he had to see before it came to light he had Lyme.
Lyme never goes away! It can come back at any time. I find rest is a good medicine. Plus strees and no rest really brings it on.

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Very good advice.
I was speaking with a woman at a hospital appointment ,whose 4 yr old daughter showed all the signs of lyme. (& she knew her daughter had been bit two months before the symptoms showed. )
Little girl tested negative for iLyme. The Mom didn't give up. After a year of her daughter getting worse with no help to discover what was wrong ( with her constant pushing the professionals) ,she heard of a Dr who specialized in Lyme D in Ottawa Canada. He treated her daughter aggressively & she is doing well. She Will always have some problems that can not be reversed but this Dr has stopped the progression of the disease.
Don’t give up. Go online & look for a specialist with good results.