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I'm evidently very treatment resistant, any hope?

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I am also wondering about genetic testing. Did anyone do that and find meds that suited them or experience any helpful difference in the long run?

The meds I'm currently on (Trileptal, Adderall, Zoloft, Klonopin) seem to be the closest I can get to anything that even slightly helps me, and my whole life has been trial and error with drugs, so I can't imagine there's many left for me to try. It seems like the doctors already have decided I'm just treatment resistant, which I believe I am, and don't feel the genetic testing is all that necessary and are instead looking into the therapies I listed in my original post (ketamine or ECT).

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@tricks– Yes- my Grandson took the genetic test.It indicated he was on the wrong medication .His doctor weaned him off and put him on one in the category the test indicated was good for him.
Hang in there!
Best wishes

Hi @tricks, I want to add my welcome as well. Have you heard of OK2Talk https://ok2talk.org It is a website by NAMI for teens and young adults. Don't get me wrong. I'm not trying to send you somewhere else, but I thought you might want to know about it. I'm glad you're here, especially to hear stories like @johnhans, who has lived with mental health all his life. He, too, was 19 once and is here to tell you about at 67.
Who is the dog in your profile picture? She looks so alert, curious and ready to play. I say "she", but I of course don't know her gender. Is she your dog?

Welcome, @tricks ! It’s so good to hear you talking about your situation! Talking is great therapy and it encourages others to talk. Have you spoken with a therapist who can maybe help you find the right path? We’re great listeners on MayoClinicConnect but we’re not certified counselors! Put us all together and we have great ideas, but we’re not medical people either. Keep talking and we’ll keep listening and hopefully, helping!