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I'm evidently very treatment resistant, any hope?

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Robbie I too have had depression all my life and I am 67 now. Unfortunately life is not easy, but I am living proof you can make it through. Actually you may be coming to a better time in your life. If your depression is related to your brain not working to get you feeling good at times, then your brain may work better without the strain of growth and when your brain reaches it's full growth. Your brain develops until age 30 so you still have time to get better. Have you tried therapy? Studies show therapy with antidepressants works the best. Even if you don't have issues that caused the depression, therapy can help you deal with the depression by finding ways to cope with it. I am resistant too. The doctors at Mayo have concluded that if you have tried a number of antidepressants and they do not work, you may need a very large dosage. I take about 4 times the normal dosage. A genetic test can show if some antidepressants do not work with your genes and what they are. Otherwise trial and error works too. If you have tried something at a high dosage and it does not work, then it probably means it will not work for you. Have you tried different doctors? Another doctor may have a different idea of what to do. Be aware that Klonopin can cause depression and tiredness as side effects. I was much better without it. Do not stop any medicine without talking with your doctor and getting his approval.
Please know that I am here with you on this. It is not easy, but it is possible to get through. We are all here with you to let you know we care and are ready to talk with you about your depression. I am praying for you too.

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Thank you for this.
It's just hard when it feels like I've been trying to cope with SOMETHING every single second of every day since…my whole life. I have PTSD (likely c-ptsd) as well, which started from various reasons in my environment from a very very young age (< 3yrs).

The thing with medications is complicated too because they aren't sure whether I have bipolar or not, my episodes are very very unpredictable and don't necessarily always fit into the criteria. Antidepressants cause manic episodes, but I am currently on a mood stabilizer for that and an average dose of Zoloft. I have seen many many therapists and psychiatrists for over a decade. I did do genetic testing a while back, but there were some issues involved and my current psychiatrist wants me to redo it, which I hopefully will soon and get some conclusive results.