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Advil after tkr

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Hi @katclub – I hear you! Managing pain after a TKR is so difficult and confusing. If your doctor says you can take Advil, I think I would feel comfortable using it occasionally just as needed. You may be reluctant due to his caveats about blood thinning and slowdown of bone healing. I'm wondering if you have tried any other alternative treatments – like acupuncture or myofascial release? At about the one month mark after my TKR, I started doing acupuncture twice a week and I think that helped my general healing and tamped down my need for pain meds. Also, here is an article about myofascial release that may be helpful:

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Thanks for your reply! I haven’t used acupuncture in several years. It helped some but at $65 a session I had to stop. I’ll be reading the article you sent today. I took 3 Advil last night and the muscle is good today and I noticed swelling not as bad!