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Gallbladder(?) Concerns

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200 pounds


Ok onto the question

I have had this come up before when having something wrong with me. but when ever a dr or someone presses on my gallbladder, it HURTS.
And I am not exaggerating. I mean gripping onto the side of the bed with tears in my eyes.

The most recent time was Thursday night/Friday morning, I went into the ER for severe pains in my upper stomach, and part of it was they wanted to check for gallstones. They touched my gallbladder and I almost jumped off the bed. it just hurt so badly.

Now if it was just this one time, i would dismiss it, but its not, I have had my gallbladder checked 3 times in recent memory over the years, and every time it is touched even gently its hurts like hell.

I do not have gallstones, per both a ct scan and a ultrasound (the ultrasound had me in tears) , so, what else could this be.

I asked the er Dr but he seemed baffled. (never figured out the cause of those pains either)

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Hi, @remmem – welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. Since you talked about your gallbladder always hurting badly when pressed, I moved it to this existing discussion on gallbladder concerns so you could interact with others discussing this topic. If you click on VIEW & REPLY in your email notification, you will be taken to the site with the whole discussion, which you may find interesting to read.

That sounds very painful with your gallbladder feeling so sensitive. I had my gallbladder out when it nearly burst several years ago, and the pain was far worse than childbirth — knock-you-over type pain.

I'm trusting other members in this conversation will weigh in on what might be causing this type of severe pain in your gallbladder region minus gallstones, like @cndythomp @tennbee @abopp2022 @cndythomp @msb18.

Is your gallbladder fine if not touched, remmem? Are you considering seeing a gastrointestinal specialist for further evaluation?

Your gallbladder may be inflamed. You need to figure out what you're eating that causing it.

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