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Is NTM found in lawn soil?

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@lmh7 Hi – Yes, NTM is/can be anywhere. I have the mycobacterium avium (from birds) strain, virtually certain it came from the soil where free range hens scratch in my yard (that one is in Texas.) There I take extensive precautions, including avoiding the area and closing up the house while my yard guy mows, weed whips & rakes. I also have him wash down my patio and I wait for everything to settle before I venture out.
I also have a home/yard with extensive gardens in MN, home to many wild birds and other critters, on land that once was a farm. My doc says to ASSUME it is infected and wear a mask – it must be rated as N-95. 3M makes one, but I found a cheaper brand – $19.99 per 10 pack at Menards – that seems every bit as good.
My brother's lung doc at Mayo says replace your N-95 mask after 4-8 hours of use or if it gets wet; fit it tightly to your face or it is worthless. Takes a little getting used to wearing the #@?! thing, but it's better than staying indoors! I also wear it on any windy day when I'm in dusty conditions. Worst is when my seasonal allergies flare up, then I have to keep moving the mask to wipe my nose! I also shower/change/wash clothes when I go in from a session in the yard, which is mostly to keep the allergens out of the house, nut probably a good idea for the NTM too.

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Actually, the masks are 3M Cool Flow N95 masks in a black box of 10.