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Dementia - Drugs to Ease Anxiety

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Hello @grecarmar I am Scott or IndianaScott as @colleenyoung pointed out. I am sorry to read of your mother's health journey. My MIL had dementia for many years. My wife also fought brain cancer for over 14 years during which she exhibited many symptoms of dementia during her journey.

I dealt with my wife having halluctinations as well as being the recipient of untrue imaginations by both these people. I wish I had a suggestion of a medication that made these aspects of disease go away, but at least in our cases there was none. I can say these phases lasted varying times and their durations changed and eventually did go away and morph into other symptoms.

In my wife's case her anxiety was sky high for all the years she fought her war and it was only at the very end that the doctors came up with a medicinal cocktail of some 8 or so drugs that cut into her anxiety. We never experienced any trouble with my wife being prescribed the medications she needed due to the opioid crisis since her doctors all understood her condition and that her needs were based on her chronic and incurable disease.

I wish you all the best and do hope the facility your folks are at has an opening in their memory unit. I know in the case of an aunt with alzheimers it was a very good solution for her and my uncle.

Did the facitity give you any idea of how long it might be for your mom to get into memory care?

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No, they have no way of knowing when they'll have an opening. Could be in a couple of weeks or a few months. They thought they could handle it on the assisted living side until something opened up. I suspect they got a bit more than the bargained for, but they've been very understanding and this is the place my dad wants to be. The staff has been great, so I hope this place works out.

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