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Dementia - Drugs to Ease Anxiety

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Hi @grecarmar, you'll notice that I moved your message to the Caregivers group (https://connect.mayoclinic.org/group/caregivers/). I did this so that you can meet other people caring for someone with dementia, like @corinneh @alanm @IndianaScott @harriethodgson and @rmftucker. As you and your father adjust to the changing care needs for your mom, I thought you might appreciate connecting with members in these related discussions:

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But back to your question. You bring up a great question about easing you mom's anxiety and if there are any medication that help with delusions and hallucinations. I hope members will share their knowledge and experience.
Will your father move into the memory care unit with your mom? How is he holding up?

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I'm going to leave it up to my dad to decide if he wants to move into memory care with my mom. Actually, it might be necessary, because he wandered off a couple of weeks ago (before entering assisted living) and was picked up by the police. They labeled him "a vulnerable adult" and said my mom and dad need 24 hour supervision. It was quite a surprise, because up until three weeks ago my dad had shown no signs of memory loss and we thought he was capable of caring for our mom. Now he's forgetting my name, where I live and work. With my mom it was a long journey to her current state.

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