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Debilitating pain 6 months after knee replacement

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I feel for everyone who is continuing to experience pain after their replacements. I am 1 1/2 yrs out from a partial knee replacement and still have daily pain. My surgeon cannot find any reason as to why I'm still experiencing pain. All x-rays look normal. I was in Physical Therapy for over almost a 1 1/2 years – starting about 6 months prior to my surgery. At about the 9 month mark my primary care provider gave me a referral to a pain management specialist (at this point I was diagnosed with stomach ulcers and was unable to continue on the NSAIDS that kept the pain bearable) since no other orthopedic surgeons would see me as a 2nd opinion until the year mark. The pain management doctor ordered a spine MRI to see if the pain could be referred pain from a spine issue – that was normal. He also ordered a bone scan – also normal. At this point we were at around the year mark. I saw my original surgeon for my year follow up, once again he couldn't find any reason for the pain and said the only thing he could think of to possibly help would be to convert to a total knee, but he couldn't offer any guarantees. Definitely not what I wanted to hear. He was very proud of me for my weight loss since surgery (around 40 pounds) – of course, my weight loss was all related to the stomach issues I had been experiencing because of the damage done by the NSAIDS he prescribed. Since it had been a year, I had a second opinion with a surgeon from University of Wisconsin – about 2 hours away – to see if they could find any reason for the pain. That surgeon ordered a MRI, which did show some arthritis on the other components of the knee, but not enough to warrant converting to a total nor enough to explain the pain. Right now, I'm working with my pain management doctor to try to get a nerve block and/or ablation covered by my insurance company to see if that will bring me some relief. I'm also recovering from gastric bypass surgery due to the stomach damage from the NSAIDS and am struggling with my weight – I went from being morbidly obese 2 years ago to borderline underweight and significantly malnourished. Knee surgery is not an option at this point in time. I'm 43 years old – was once very active walking at least 3 miles a day. Now I go to work, struggle to walk from my car to my desk, come home and sit in my recliner watching tv. I'm also battling depression. There are days I wish I never would have had the surgery – although the rational me knows that I was in significant pain prior as well. I thank God for a great primary care provider who has prescribed Tramadol to assist with the pain (although I would rather not take it, and try not to as much as possible, but there are some days I just can't bear it) and Ambien to help me sleep at night. Without those 2 medications I'm not sure I would be making it as "well" as I am.

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@kibe75 – I am so sorry about the level of pain you are having so long after your PKR. I'm 68 years old and had a TKR in January. After 3 weeks, I had a terrible reaction to the Celebrex I was prescribed. They took me off all pain meds for a few days then let me start on Tramadol. I can really relate to how grateful you are to have that! Thankfully, my TKR recovered well and I have no pain from it. However, I'm scheduled for an endoscopy next week to see if the ulcer has healed in my stomach. (Wish me luck!) Back to you – is the pain you are having now with your knee the same kind of pain that caused you to have the PKR or is it different in nature or intensity? I just feel so bad for you – you are too young to have this kind of debilitating pain.