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Wishing best wishes to all this weekend

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These wonderful words are even more important to me at this point. This past week I was diagnosed with metatasic cancer. Am going back to Mayo on this Tuesday for a liver biopsy to discover if it is from the breast cancer 9 years ago or the small cell lung cancer of last year. Then the doctors will decide whether or not I am a candidate for immunotherapy. Thank God for excellent Mayo doctors & modern medicine . I am good with what ever they decide. I have told them that I want quality of life, not just quantity. They all said that it is the right decision. Also last week I had targeteted radiation to the bone covering the brain. No lesions in the brain, but did have bone metastasis. Will find out soon if that particular therapy worked.

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@ladylake Sending my prayers for your appt. on Tuesday. I'll be there Thursday for quarterly checkup after lobectomy with follow-up chemo last year. We actually travelled last year on Easter Sunday to be in town for first visit that Monday on info I received at home. Been feeling very grateful this week at where I am now versus last year. And, keep picturing the snow we encountered on our April trips last year- oddly, they felt like a blanket of peace rather than an issue!

@lady1lake– Oh no! You have certainly been through the ringer with cancer. I can't imagine dealing with all these different types of cancers at once.
How are you doing? You are strong and I agree that quality means a lot more than quantity. I hope that when my time to make that decision comes I'm as brave.
How are you feeling physically? Are you still getting around ok?
I'm going to ask other cancer patients to invite you back to the Lung Cancer Group. I hope that this is ok.

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