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Magnesium and heart rhythm problems

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Everyone with heart palpitations… Vit D, Magnesium must be taken together.
ALSO… you must take the right magnesium.
My palpitations stopped after conferring with Dr Gupta from York Cardiology.
He suggested Magnesium TAURATE for people with heart palpitations and Afib.
Sure enough…. I got the brand he stated and I am 98% free of palpitations.
So just FYI… this is the magnesium brand he said to use:
I get it through Amazon and take daily with Vit D 5000 mg.

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Interesting! And you take so much Vit. D. My cardiologist just said "People take too many pills, don't." Hmm, what to do…

I love him! I have found that my paroxysmal AFib is brought on by an irritated Vagus nerve due to gut issues. Managing that manages card arrythmias. I was recently DX'd with SIBO and SIFO.