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My knee has been painful since replacement in June 2018. Although I did have staph infection and was told that healing would be a long time, whatever that is. Been to three other Orthopedic Surgeons and after looking at the knee with swelling and immobility, they all say that it is still infected and they aspirate the knee and send the fluid to the lab. Every report reflects no infection. Then they recommend PT, which has been totally ineffective. I can only sleep on my back, and in that position sleep is only a few hours a night. Side sleeping creates deep intense pain. The other knee is bone on bone with a torn meniscus, and I will tolerate it, because it is a whole lot better than the replaced knee. Since I have been forced to stop all of my fun activities, this stupid knee is also affecting my emotional well being.

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@sleepy0 I really feel sorry that you are still having pain in your knee. You said PT was ineffective, I wonder, did you end up with a decent ROM? I know some people have pain for a long time but that seems too long to me.

Are you close at all to a major medical center, preferably a teaching hospital? If so I would go there for another opinion. Doctors can be very loyal to each other if they are in the same area, they often do not want to say anything negative about another doctor's work. If you haven't stepped out of your local area for consultations I would suggest that you do, and again, as I said preferably to a major medical center.
I hope you are able to find out what is causing such pain. Please keep us updated on it.

I had total knee replacement on my right knee in September 2017 and still having terrible pain all day, every day. Thankfully my primary doctor has prescribed me pain meds and I requested a second opinion referral 3 1/2 weeks ago and the doctor, who I want a second opinion from, is still reviewing my records to determine if she wants to take my case. I'm already addicted to the pain meds because of the amount of time I've been taking them, and I want to stop. My original surgeon tells me every time I go to see him just to give it time, and that it will heal itself. From what I've been reading it appears that there is nerve damage that may require surgery. I understand what you're going through and hopefully you'll have some relief soon. I also am emotionally distressed and my friends and family have stopped inviting me anywhere because all I do is say "no I can't go."