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Depends a lot on the physician, as well as the interaction/previous history you had with your OS. I had 4 different surgeries within 9 years by the same OS, and he has always been more than generous in prescribing opioids. Probably because I always turned in at least 1/3 of the initial prescription because I did not need / chose to use it. I think the current opioid panic is overrated, and overstated. To people who are in legitimate post surgical pain there really is no substitute. Those who say ibuprofen works just as well are nuts. It does not. I would have the talk with the surgeon way in advance to know what you can expect. Opioids are a blessing, but they made me sluggish, and very constipated, and kept me from driving (and a good glass of wine with my steak).
I chose to tough it out after the first 7 days or so at home, switched to Tylenol (only thing permitted bc. of aspirin regimen, and totally useless), then went to Aleve. Initially 2/day, then 1, by week 4 pretty much ice, for the most part. However, that seems to be on the very low side as far what most people use.

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This is a new OS, and am going to call office tomorrow and make sure they will make sure I have enough pain meds on board. I have never been one to take much medication, have had opiates for a few days several times after outpatient surgery and dental surgery, but don't like the feeling other than pain relief. He did mention CBD oil but I don't consider that mainstream enough for me. Yes, the opioid panic is certainly overhyped….it has become political…thus some people are not getting appropriate pain relief when needed. Thanks for your input.

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