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Hi, @aliali – wanted to let you know I moved your post on frankincense consumed while taking cipralex (Lexapro) to this existing discussion on this medication, so you could interact with others familiar with it.

As we are not medical professionals, we can't render an opinion on the increased depression you felt after taking the frankincense and the cipralex (Lexapro). I'd suggest talking with your doctor or pharmacist about combining the two.

I would like to ask some of the members in this discussion to return, however, and offer any thoughts they have about taking frankincense and cipralex (Lexapro) simultaneously, like @guener @lioness @stsopoci @lee00 @mommabird74. @gingerw also may have some thoughts for you.

Have you had the chance to talk to a medical professional about how you've felt with taking this combination, aliali?

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@lisalucier Thank you for tagging me into this thread
@aliali I looked up frankincense and am wondering why you might be ingesting it? The information I could find says it could be ingested for stomach upset. Is that why you were using it? Have you used it before starting Lexapro? Did you confer with a pharmacist or Dr before, to watch for interactions with medications? Some herbs may either cause increased effect of the medication or counteract a medication, which might have happened. Perhaps you should set that aside until you speak with a medical professional.

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