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Bladder lift surgery (Prolapse repair)

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I hope you didn't let them use mesh. I am so screwed up by the mesh a doctor used mesh on me. No other doctor will touch me and once mesh is used, repairs are a very bad idea. The mesh becomes like glue and it can't be removed from the organs because it adheres to the organs and can't be separated. I have learned any "corrective" surgery usually ends up worse. IF a doctor tells you, "he is using the new and improved mesh"...like my doctor told me, he is lying. Doctors like to use mesh because it is very quick, in and our of surgery and they can push though more patience. Mesh often works well but the ones it doesn't work well on live a life of pure hell.

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@taxpayinghorse That's a shame that you are having problems now. What problems is it causing? I have known a few people who have had the mesh (sling?) and have been thrilled with it. I had actually hoped it might be an option for me but it's only used for stress incontinence and mine is urge incontinence.
I am considering Botox, but not sure if I want it. Some people end up having to use a catheter afterward to relieve themselves.