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That is very helpful, thank you! When you’ve had nerve blocks done are you able to navigate shuttles back to your hotel on your own? Nerve blocks are one procedure I’m very interested in that my local nuerologist does not provide. I plan to stay at the hotel that is right in Mayo’s Scottsdale AZ campus. I don’t know how to drive in cities (Montana girl) so I’ll be relying on Uber and shuttles for the whole trip.

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@mandydawn Welcome to Mayo Connect. I believe you have some solid answers here, just remember that everyone is different. That said, your concern about shuttles etc. is probably not a worry. The Mayo staff and support teams have a lot of experience under their belts, and when you let them know your apprehension, I bet they will be right there to help you out!

Yes I can navigate myself. After the nerve block they have you stay there for about 10 minutes so they can be sure you are alright.
I’ve been just a little light headed afterwards but am able to navigate just fine.
Mayo has an excellent service where they will actually get you to their shuttle area if you think you need help or if you just aren’t sure where it’s located. All you have to do is ask for an escort. Tell them which hotel you’re staying in. They will take you to the shuttle area where they have people working that the escort tells them where you need to go. They will let you know that hotels time schedule for their runs between the hotel and the clinic. Sometimes you will have a little wait. They always announce each bus arrival and where they are going to so you won’t miss it.

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