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Terri, thank you for answering! I am not on any meds for any of my lung ailments. The Pulmonologist said P.H it's mild, and done with an Echo, so there are better testing we have. Echos are ok but aren't reliable for checking arterial pressure. Have you had a different test for P.H.? I have no symptoms, Not short of breath, I can walk, do housework, within reason for age and arthritis. I am being checked again this week for MAC…I have only had one scope back in 2014 that grew MAC….I have lost 11 or so pounds, but lost my son, and I am having such a hard time, even 2 years later. I do get antibiotics, but only when I bleed. Cardiologist does not want to see me again, said my heart is just fine. I don't know what to think. I am worried, and lung doctor didn't seem to think it's a big deal at all…
' I am happy you are negative for MAC. Those meds can be brutal. Was on 2 IVs every other day for 9 months and 3 oral for 18 month…Now I have another, plus Bronchiectasis, and H.P.. I needed so badly to hear from someone with H.P.. Thank you so very much.

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@Cathln Hi there. I am posting a link from Mayo about H.P. for you to read. I had all of the tests done mentioned in this article to determine my H.P. I was told to take a baby aspirin every day to keep my blood thin. I was told in 2016 that mine was mild, presently, I have all of the symptoms that would put me at a Level III. I am glad that you brought this up because it has reminded me to take the baby aspirin and to ask about my dr in June about my H.P. Here is the link: https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/pulmonary-hypertension/diagnosis-treatment/drc-20350702