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Hi Debbraw, thanks so much for your response. I apologise for it being late had a hectic family week….. Well firstly good luck with your tkr, I hope all is still well with you. I am 9 wks tomorrow post op and my range of motion is about 135. Physio I rarely see as they are always busy. Ironically they are at the hospital I work t and feel compelled to go but to be quite honest they haven't benefited me much. I have so much conflicting advice just don't know who/what to listen to anymore. I went back to a phased return at work on Friday and Saturday. Friday was ok as mainly seated but standing in between to get up and do things an effort. I stupidly went shopping afterwards to 3 different shopping areas after thinking I was fine but am paying the price today. I just wanted a bit of normality and shopped and paid bills. On the last leg I was walking so slowly and had work the next day so bed at tea time and rested. Saturday really stiff and slow walking at work. Today family visited and am up in bed with ice on and wishing I hadn't done the extras. I try the leg raises and stair climbs but are unbearable, physio say put ice on straight after yep did that but still unbearable to do again on my next attempt and icing doesn't help raise it just calms it down till the next fight. Giving up.! Thanks for your help, I hope your knee is improving. I think I am just in bed elevating and icing again all week till this weekend at work.

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Hi @caz7 – yes, I've been following you (@ sign or not. LOL!) You and I have something in common. I am 11 weeks tomorrow and this weekend I decided to go to an Arts and Crafts Fair in town. Going there was just fine – my walk was pretty jaunty on the outbound. Walking around the event, I started to get tired. Coming back, my husband asked if I wanted him to go get the car and pick me up. My pride intervened. I knew I was limping but couldn't give up. All told, I walked 10,232 steps – 4+ miles. The last 500 steps were the hardest. I counted them. Just like you, Sunday I was stiff, icing my knee, feeling sorry for myself and determined to keep going until this knee conforms to my lifestyle. I'm wishing you the best and I hope you will wish me some better judgement!