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Cellcept and Tacrolimus Co-administration

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@webiondev Hi, and I also welcome you to Connect. I had a liver transplant in September 2016. I only took CellCept for a certain amount of time, I think it was six months but I can't be certain, it could have been longer. Then I just took tacrolimus for a while but that was affecting my kidneys so I was switched to sirolimus.
If I recall correctly I was taking CellCept and tacrolimus at the same time, but your timing is something you really need to check with your doctor. Different doctors prefer different protocols, and have reasons for the way they want their patients to take their medications.
I saw on your profile that you are having some bile duct problems now. Is that from the immunosuppressants? I have been very fortunate and not had any serious problems from the immunosuppressants, just some digestive problems which I am trying to work out now. I hope your bile duct problems resolve quickly. Let us know how you are doing, and what will be done to treat this.

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Hello @contentandwell. Thanks for your clarification. . I had already two rejection one in 2017 feb right after transplant and one in 2018 Oct. I also developed biliary stricture both after rejections. I treated first stricture with twice ercp stents and now second stricture i did my first stents. I also have duct to duct mismatch. My alp never came down to normal.