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Long term memory loss

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Hi, @aarniek – a few other members who have mentioned lorazepam and may have experiences with or know of others with long-term memory loss issues due to this medication/tapering off of it include @helena4000 @lakelifelady @rezon8r @oprah @grandmar @farmboy.

I do note here in this Mayo Clinic information on lorazepam that loss of memory is listed under Side Effects>Incidence Not Known https://www.mayoclinic.org/drugs-supplements/lorazepam-oral-route/side-effects/drg-20072296.

Has your primary care physician weighed in on this, @aarniek?

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My neurologist is clueless when it comes to protracted acute benzo withdrawal,(PAWS) so my GP should not be expected to know more,- he is dumbfounded and has witnessed my uncontrollable shacking ,has to help me in & out of his place,so if he could help ,i think he would.Other than family and a few close friends,i dont think anyone including my doctors think anything but its a mental thing as no one that i have met in real life knows about what a cold turkey from a strong benzo can do to a person.

Besides a doctor who specialises in arthritis who i have been seeing for 30 years,i have only ,been seeing 3 different neurologists and one suggested klonipin for 30 days,the other suggested i re instate my lorazapam. I tried one small dose klonipin and i could not take it ! Where i live on Merritt island we dont have too many doctors and its too hard to go 50+ miles to Orlando.i am hoping someone on her has a good suggestion! Thank you.