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Working with a Chronic Illness

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I am so sorry that such a young person has to deal with so much, but you have your entire life ahead of you so it is important to know how to deal with your conditions, other people and your rights.
I am NOT in the medical field and I have NOT been a patient at any Mayo Clinic(s).
I have, however, been a principal and a supervisor of Special Education.
Since you are only 17, I might assume that these physical illnesses have been 'going' on for some time and has impacted your education.
Have you ever been given a "504 ACCOMMODATION PLAN" or an "IEP" (Individual Education Program)? Or, have you been 'diagnosed' as HANDICAPPED or having a HANDICAPPED CONDITION while you were a student in school (or after, if you graduated)?
I ask because you made mention if the Mayo Clinic could make a list of accommodations.
I also ask you this because if you have had any of the above, you are covered under the Federal Law for Disabled People.
Among other rites, you cannot be refused a job because of your handicap, assuming you can perform the job when hired.
And, you cannot be fired because of your handicapped condition should you develop one during your tenure at a job.
Now, this is very basic information and you could look up all the specifications.
All that being said, I am NOT familiar with what the law says if you are no longer able to perform the duties of the job you were hired to do.
I do not know if the hiring facility must offer you another position.
I just dealt with educational impacts.
In addition, I've been out of the field for 5 years so I don't know if there have been any changes. I doubt it.

Now, as far as working and money.
You MIGHT be eligable for Disability (SSI).
For that, you would have to apply.
You can find information for that on the Social Security Administration web site.
If you go this route, just make sure you have all your paperwork available.
The more documentation (regarding your illnesses) you have, the better.
This can include, but not limited to doctor reports, work evaluations, school reports, etc. Anything that contributes to enhancing your claims.
This process can take several months and that is just to find out if you have been accepted or denied. This does not include the process of fighting if you are denied.
As a minor, I am pretty sure you will have to get one of your parents (or LEGAL guardian) to initiate the above.

In the meanwhile, as far as work is concerned, there are many jobs that can be done remotely from home.
You might want to look into such jobs.
This way, on days you are not feeling well, you might be able to do it from bed. Or, if it is the type of job where you have to have a certain amount of work done in a given time, you can work at your own speed.

I know this is long. I tend to write on and on.
I DO hope this helps you with your quest.
Feel free to contact me if I can be of further assistance.

Ronnie (GRANDMAr)

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Hi! I honestly appreciate all your helping and just taking the time to listen and share with me information that I know will help me! I will definitely talk this over with my parents! I have an IEP but I am dropping that because I honestly don’t need it. We have been looking into switching my IEP to a 504!

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