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Non stable blood sugar (BS)

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@1941 I am 75 years old but have had diabetes only three years, so I am still trying to learn anything I can to help myself. I have also experienced high–too high BS. My husband has been sick with a number of health problems for the last seven years. His heart is the main problem–heart attack, surgery, cow aorta too, and numerous procedures. In a hospital or even at home it is impossible to keep the routine that makes diabetes numbers work. I have talked to my endocrinologist about stress, and I know it definitely takes a toll on the routine. Have you asked your doctor about this? Sometimes we don't show our worries, but they get in my brain and I don't sleep well and eat wrong foods depending on where I am and the BS goes up too high. I am fighting that now and looks as if it's going on for a while longer. I don't take any meds; so far have been able to control with diet and exercise. However, when I get stressed, it doesn't matter; my nerves are on edge, and I am busy being a caretaker and there is no time for exercise and eat the right foods. The last time this happened the higher numbers persisted for too long. Can you ask your doctor and see what his thinking is on stress? My endo is also one who tells me that at my age, I must remember the body slows down and that causes the numbers to be higher also. Have you ever heard that? I hope with some relaxation and getting back to your routine, you'll be able to get your numbers down.

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God bless you for your courage being dealt a bad hand. I am 74 and know I am slowing down. You must preserve so as not to break down. I think the Doctor has no solution to this problem. Try meditating and deep breathing. I pray you will have the stamina to continue as caretaker and find solace in this difficult time. I have type 2 diabetes for over 9 years with ups and downs. I feel your pain. Dennis

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