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bentley33 (@bentley33)

Exhausted from digestive conditions

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Thank you, my son has given me strength and a reason to keep fighting these issues 😊
Yes, my GI doctor has me flagged, so 2 days before I come in he is online doing research and talking to colleagues to see if any new advances have been made or any studies. I’m a hard case, as are a lot of us on here. After these last 2 tests, one us a Colon transit test, and the other is for my stomach. After these we will meet in the “war room” and see what’s next. He is open to anything and I’m guessing he will want me to try acupuncture and maybe something else. He’s not excited about surgery and neither am I. I’m hoping to get answers but feel like I’m just spinning my wheels. Maybe when I meet with him he will have come up with new things or another colleague to see. He sent me to a Colon specialist that he trusts to check that out. I want to feel better and be cured like yesterday, it’s really wearing me down. And I would totally drive however many hours or hop a plane if he knew of someone that could help. Some doctors aren’t like that. If they can’t find it, then there is nothing wrong with you and don’t think about a 2nd opinion because they won’t help either. So I feel lucky to have found a non narcissistic GI doctor open to get help from others and listens to my ideas.

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@bentley33, It sounds like you are headed for additional testing and doctors. I don't know how long until your appointments, but here is a discussion where members are sharing tips about How to Get Off to the Best Start with a New Specialist. I hope you find something that can help you as you move forward.

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