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kaybird (@kaybird)

Teenager tried to overdose

Mental Health | Last Active: May 10, 2019 | Replies (18)

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This is actually her second attempt and the doctors have pretty much told me this is how she is. They’ve said we can medicate her and out her in therapy, but because she’s getting worse and has tried it before, they’re not optimistic. Her mood swings from happy to despondent.

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@kaybird – that would be so hard for me to take, as a mom, to accept that the doctors are not optimistic with with therapy or medications for my child who has tried to overdose twice.

Have you pursued getting a second opinion on her case?

Hi again @kaybird– I have been thinking about the fact that the doctors are not optimistic and this is how it is. Frankly I am appalled that they seem to have given up. I think that giving up is NOT the way to go. I would search out every possible way of dealing with her illness even ECT if that has not been tried. I would go through every post on depression and anxiety and mental health on Connect. I would also research these subjects at any other site I could find eg Cleveland Clinic and Johns Hopkins etc. Research is how I found out about the genetic testing which was news to our family. If possible I would look for a doctor who will not give up on her.
With very best wishes

Hi Kaybird. If the doctors told you there was nothing you could do for your daughter don’t believe it for a second! You may need to find other doctors who are recommended by your primary care or someone more knowledgeable. I think if someone told me they could do nothing for your daughter I would check into someone else quickly!

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