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Hi, @catmom777 – welcome to this discussion, "Depression/Anxiety." Do you have these diagnoses?

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I have gone through periods of depression my whole life, back to when I was a little girl. I was terribly abused by my mother and thought my parents didn't want me, so I've had that to live with all my life. But, I've made it to 65 and except for afib and osteoporosis and maybe chronic bronchitis, I'm still here. I have happy times too, but with the recent diagnosis, the depression came back. And, it's pretty hard not get anxious when your heart is skipping beats and seems to be struggling to beat. I felt funny about 1/2 hour ago and took my pulse and it was acting like that. My cardiologist appointment is in two weeks. I hope he has some answers.
But thanks for thinking of me. I know I could use the support of this group. One thing that some of us struggle with is feeling awfully alone. I live alone and my family is miles away, so it gets hard when health issues crop up.
I appreciate your concern. I'll tune in later. Have a good evening.