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Should I see a neurologist?

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Some of the things I have thought about reading what you wrote…first….papaya is great for constipation. The natural fruit. Not from a can. It has digestive enzymes that will regulate your stomach. Try it. It works wonders. Eat it daily. Another thing…Did you see a good internist first? I suggest a full CBC panel and urine culture to start. Another thing…you seem very fearful, which I understand. Your thoughts are everywhere. I do know that movement in what you are feeling in your arms, and tingling may call for a neurologist, but I am just a person, not a doc. Do not be afraid of a neuro doc. He is just another doc that studies brain and nerves. I also suggest something like yoga. Something to ground you…..Best wishes…. Lori Renee

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@lorirenee1 Thank you for the suggestion!! Natural fruits like prunes have definitely been helping (vs Colace and Miralax which don't do anything at all) so I will definitely try the papaya. I had never heard of an "internist" before you and @techi suggested it. I have been looking for a PCP so I'll asking about the CBC panel/urine culture. I've had lab tests at the campus health services and they all came back normal but I'm……not sure I trust that, considering what's been going on.

And I'll consider yoga because you're right, I'm very fearful. I can suppress it on most days until I see a weird spot on my arm or my muscles twitch and then I get really panicked. I appreciate that you picked up on that, it's hard to keep under wraps.