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Carbon 60

Breast Cancer | Last Active: Mar 22 11:18am | Replies (3)

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Hi @tessfair1, thank you for sharing. I tried to do a little research on C60 and was not able to find very much scientific data on it. A lot of the research that I found came from sources that appeared to be sellers. As with any supplement, it would be best to discuss with a provider. Is this something you are considering using?

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Thanks. I have sent info to my cancer care coordinator and, of course, would wait for their go-ahead. Trying to gather additional info for decision making.

Have you looked into Protandim? There are over 30 papers on Pubmed.gov. it is clinically proven to reduce oxidative stress by 40% in 30 days. Oxidative Stress is associated with over 200 diseases. The difference between c60 and Protandim is c60 is a manufactured compound so for each molecule it can absorb 1 free radical (theoretically, there are no studies to validate) whereas Protandim is made from 5 plant based compounds which upregulate the Nrf2 pathway in our DNA to signal the DNA to make some 200 survival genes, such as glutathione and antioxidants. The amount of produced survival genes are estimated to be about 1 million per cell, way more than any supplement can provide. Visit Pubmed.gov and use key words like Protandim, Nrf2, oxidative stress, and the name of whatever disease you are researching. If you need more info let me know. I've had good success using it for several health issues.

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