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Lyn (@pearlbaby7)

When Depression "Flares"

Depression & Anxiety | Last Active: Jun 12, 2019 | Replies (32)

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@merpreb I posted for a couple reasons if I'm going to be honest and vulnerable. I was curious if other people in a strictly depression cycle felt this heaviness too. The second, and maybe more motivating, reason was I needed some support. I have no one to give me that support of understanding like you all. As good as my neighbor is to me by bringing me dinner and doing my shopping, she undercuts that semi-frequently by calling me lazy or some form of it. I thought I'd given her enough info to understand but I guess not. She did it again last night. Maybe I'm just a good place to vent because I'm not able to pull back from her being in my life right now. I'm trying to look at it from her point of view but it's still destructive to me. That's why I posted. I regretted it because I felt vulnerable and still hate having to ask for help.

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@pearlbaby7 I am sending you cyber hugs. Feeling vulnerable but still having the strength to reach out for help is a major positive. Don't ever forget that. When we are in a downswing and we can't even see a glimmer of light from the surface, that is when it can be so devastating. Just one little pinprick of light may help us refocus and help us get through those down times/dark times and those times when we feel like such a burden to ourselves and others. I am so glad that you're here on Mayo Connect.

@pearlbaby7– I'm sorry that you are having a tough time with your neighbor. You two must be very close for her to even try to talk to you like that. Is it possible to tell her how much she hurts you when she does? I know what you mean about feeling vulnerable if you divulge a sensitive part of yourself. I cringe when I have to but, but do it nevertheless, and you did it here too! I hope that you can break away from her soon. Is there a church group that you can turn to? I think that we've talked about this before.