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aliali (@aliali)

I wish I could cry!!

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Hi, @aliali – that is an interesting observation about being depressed and unable to cry, and wondering if it's better for a depressed to cry or not to cry.

I remember when I was in graduate school, @aliali, that a counselor I saw right after my parents' divorce told me he thought I was just diverting myself from my sadness (e.g., go out to a movie with friends when I was down) versus actually allowing myself to be sad and cry, etc. — to sit in my sadness, so to speak. This was a bit of a revelation for me, and also told me something about how I was raised — really not to cry, if possible. When I really made an effort to not divert myself and try and feel my deeply sad feelings, I found it gave me much more relief and I was in much better touch with where I was at emotionally.

I'd like to invite @christine72 @lorena1egas @healthytoday @helenannmarie55 @stacyrobertson6 @rascal1 into this conversation for their thoughts on crying in the midst of depression.

Wondering, @aliali, what the prevailing thought in your household growing up has been regarding crying. Was it acceptable? Were negative emotions "allowed"?

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I well remember it; in our society crying is shameful ! I have prevented myself from crying for years; I was depressed and didn’t know that and felt the desire to cry again and again. But I force myself NOT to cry because, as I thought during those days, it as a weakness sign and shameful, especially for a male individual