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Thank you for your nice response. After all the tests including CT pancreatic elastase 3 SIBO’s in eight years
Blood work. U name it I’ve had it. Not due for another colonscopy til 2020. All negative. A little inflammation. A little diverticulitis no Crohns no Celiac no celiac and do on. Most doctors put me on enzymes probiotics. Crepn for digestion even tho I have no pancreatic issue. More pills and more pills. Easy for doctors to say Oh you gave IBS-D. Without searching for the problem. No matter what I’m I. The bathroom 1/3 times a day nothing changed except it became wires over the years So finally found a doctor that wanted to get to the root of the problem and was the first gastro doctor to do a Fructose malabsorption test. 3 hours. I tested so high she says she had never had a patient test that high on the chart. So I’m working with nutritionist and trying the restricted fructose. What’s funny is I’m not a big fruit eater nor sodas never fructose corn syrup but fructose is hidden n so many foods that aggravate the intestinal tract. Onions garlic wheat products asparagus zucchini peas all loaded with fructans. etc. I was in the food industry for 35 years so I’m a label reader by trade. Plus being Italian makes it hard so now I’m journaling foods reactions etc. only been a week but still reacting stomach wise. Visit the nutritionist every 4 weeks. We will see if any improvement in July. Almost afraid to eat. She’s stomach gets nauseous she cramps but could be just changing. Sorry this is so long. I apologize. I have been crazy trying
to figure this out and hope I’m headed right. If one more test came back alls good I’m not sure what I could do. Next was serotonin tests. More serotonin in the gut than in the brain which can cause digestive e issues
Still not feeling g good cheating very simple and plain but can add foods down the road to see if I get a reaction. Low FODMAP foods vs high and fructose restricted diet hopefully turns things around
Thanks for reading Ask any questions if you like


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@jeoangel32 Oh my goodness, what a long time to go not knowing what was causing your problems! I’m so glad you know now and are able to modify your diet to avoid the problems. It really does demonstrate that sometimes you have to be very persistent.

I had a somewhat similar problem, very frequent diarrhea and gas. I thought the problem was from my immunosuppressants since it started right after I started taking them. After much detective work of my own I finally realized that when I stayed away from dairy, specifically lactose, I didn’t have diarrhea. It took a long time because I ate cheese frequently, and always have half and half in my coffee, so it just seemed as if the problem was always there.

I now figure that the immunosuppressants actually triggered the lactose intolerance, but my transplant team will not confirm that.