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Yeast infection symptoms

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I suffer from yeast infection due to the fact I'm pre-diabetic, and even though my hbac1 has decreased because of my complete change of diet, I still get them, for quick home remedy try sitting in a mix of equal parts water and apple cider vinegar, I just use a big basin and sit for about 15 minutes, I find it really helps me, I hope you get some relief, I know how it feels, how it can affect your everyday normal life.

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I've had vaginal yeast issues on and off throughout my life, but as a senior, starting in my early 60's I developed chronic swelling and burning in my vulva without discharge. It was treated for years with anti-fungal topicals and Fluconazole anti-yeast tablets. The severe issues abated temporarily after being treated for months, but my vulva was never free of symptoms and still swollen and reddish. Extremely sensitive.
A different gynecologist suggested I try dietary changes, as some of us harbor residual yeast in our intestines that won't die out even with anti-yeast px's. You can treat your yeast symptoms.
I found an inspirational book by William G Crook, Md, The Yeast Connection Handbook. It was originally printed in 1996 and he was a pioneer in believing we need to remove what was causing the yeast issues and not simply treat the symptoms. I found the 2006 reprint with an updated addendum which includes adding a few herbals to the detox.
It is simply written for the lay person. Many hand-drawn illustrations depicting the cycle of how certain foods feed the strong yeast in our intestines and how their waste products raise our histamines which raise our inflammation.
Yeast is hard to kill, it will make you miserable when you are starving it out as it sends messages to your brain demanding to be fed. It needs sugar, processed and unprocessed to live. You must detox all sugars for 2 months to starve it out so it will die. Easier said than done. Simply walking by and seeing a dessert my mouth would flood with saliva.
After 6 weeks noticeable improvement and because of this success kept the detox up for the full 2 months and by then my sugar cravings had abated and then went another month. Some yeast detox's recommend 3 months.
Today, according to his plan I am allowed a small serving of natural sugar as in fruit everyday but no processed sugar for life.
I started this diet in October of 2018 and the relief has been so amazing I am still on this plan now going on 9 months. I have allowed myself one dessert a month with no issues.
If you are in enough pain and misery you will be willing to try this. If not, you simply aren't suffering enough to make this sacrifice.
I made up a jingle when I looked at something sweet and debated taking a bite, "When will you learn, it's going to make you burn".
My vulva tissues are now pale and no longer swollen. They still have a sensitivity with intercourse, as I believe my skin has thinned as I am now 70 and not on hormones, yet everyday activity no issues.
At the very least this plan is not going to cost you money and I see no dangers in it, in fact only benefits to your overall health.

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