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The system NOW??

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@contentandwell As you know I moved out here to help take care of my grandson ,he,s 10 now and doesn't need me as much ,so I'm glad I'm in a Senior building I see these people more then my son since they are busy people I,m not complaining as at least he text and emails If I need something he is there but it's only when I have a problem Yes I have friends I keep in contact with but it's hard they wish I was there Now can't go back I don't think I would even though it's different but can't stop growing up It was a hard decision you have to make For me I'm glad I did it I only have One child

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Thanks, @lioness Hopefully it will never come to that. If they needed me, I would be there in a heartbeat. Right now I have my routine here, I have a few close friends, and I go to my health club, so I prefer staying here. Oh, and I have my hairdresser — I can't leave him! 😉

@IndianaScott Things really are different these days, with kids moving away, etc. I am proud that my kids had the independence to find their own way, but I do miss them terribly, and I actually think they miss us too! My sister had three children though, and one lives right in the same town, one about an hour away, and the other is about four hours away, so she is fortunate in that.
When our son moved to Denver in the summer he bought a big house, and repeatedly insists he bought it so that we could make "extended visits". He's a good son. 🙂 He's getting married this summer and has asked my husband to be his best man! He says he's his best friend, despite him having a HUGE tribe of friends.