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CRPS Question: Itching

Chronic Pain | Last Active: Mar 30, 2019 | Replies (21)

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Hello @rags. I would like to invite @mam14, @rsnowflake, @struggler23, @barbbie, @lizzyisme, to this conversation as they have all recently discussed having CRPS and may be able to share whether or not they have dealt with any itching as a result.

@rags, itching must certainly be a frustrating side-effect of what you are going through. While we wait for others to share their experience with treatment and side-effects, is there anything that has helped with relieving the itching?

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Replies to "Hello @rags. I would like to invite @mam14, @rsnowflake, @struggler23, @barbbie, @lizzyisme, to this conversation as..."

Thank you so much for adding others. The only thing that has helped was being on prednisone. But once weaned off it’s slowly coming back.