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6 months retrospective on TKR

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@ellerbracke @ssbionicknee You are right, no matter how satisfied with your knee replacement it is never the same as your natural knee had been before it had problems.
Water therapy or exercise really is helpful. Being able to exercise with no impact does make a difference.

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@ssbionicknee and JK: thanks for input. I am actually doing pretty well overall (was discharged from PT at about 10 weeks, have been doing water exercises and workouts and swimming 3 or more times a week since week 5 after surgery), have excellent ROM, finally got the knee straightened out at 4 months… BUT: I miss being able to kneel like I used to, I hate having become pretty cautious when I walk outside in my garden (tree roots, gopher holes, vines sneaking along the ground), I dislike having to adapt how to pull off socks or tight jeans, and mostly I am tired of aches and some pain. At this point I don’t want “not too much pain”, or “only aching for a few hours”, I want NO pain, ache, twinge, stiffness, at all for a change. Hoping I will get there sooner or later. That is why I mentioned my shoulder surgeries in the initial post: full motion, full strength, and absolutely no pain after recovery. Was expecting the same from TKR.

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