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Gene Ames, Jr. (@gamesjr)

Glucose Level of diabetics?

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My situation is this. In 2014 I had my A1C done and it was 5.9. prediabetic .
As all my finals were good and my BMI good and as I play tennis almost every my primary care Dr said continue with what you are doing and we will watch and wait. Until March 2018 my A1C was when tested about every 4 months 5.9-6.0.
Over Christmas 2018 I seamed to have cold feet. Tingling.
At endof January had my A1C tested. The Dr before the results put my cold feet down to wear warmer socks. The result was however 6.9.
He put me on 2- 500 mg metformin a day and I decided to go to a nueologist. He confirmed I had nueopothy in the feet and put me on 6- gabapentin a day.
After 3 months my A1C went down to 6.2 and glucose levels 133.
I test my blood sugar every morning, fasting and my target range is 100- 120. It has just been in range but now moving up to closer to 130 in the last week.
Have started taking cinnamon capsule twice a day . This is my 5th day. No effect yet.
Could not see a endocrinologist as my A1C below 7 and k am on Medicare. Sucks.
I watch my diet and exercise. My primary care does not believe my nueopothy is caused by diabetes. Just getting old and these things happen. I am 78.
Treating my nueopothy is another issue.
If I cannot get my blood glucose in range I may increase my metformin to a higher dose. Any comments would be appreciated.

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I saw a neurologist for the tingling in my left foot and she confirmed that my toe has no feeling and nothing can be done. I exercise my feet anyway because I suspect the problem is a result of my back surgery which was really serious surgery. I wear socks in the evening and in bed until 2:00 a.m. and then take them off because I am too warm. Also my left knee has pain since the back surgery and I had no problem with the knee replacement before the surgery. The other knee replacement is fine. I don't think the diabetes is causing the tingling so long as I exercise some and wear socks for the cold feet. I am not likely to become an athlete at my age, because I never was that interested or capable. I did march in high school band, and that was it. I could sweat playing Rachmaninoff on the piano, however.
But that's about it from now on. So I refuse to have both shoulders replaced because I don't want the risk or more nerve damage.
I manage the pain most days pretty well with Icey Hot. I haven't started anything rash like Brandy or more pain pills. I don't take any over the counter pain meds at all. The best course for everything is exercise, so long as I don't fall. Then I can't get up. I call 911. It is embarrassing when I slip off a chair in my nightgown. At least my mind is staying steady. I can work two Sudocku puzzles a day. Dorisena

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