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Glucose Level of diabetics?

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It is a good idea to always work on a balanced diet and eat lots of vegetables regardless of what the doctor says or diagnoses. I thought I was doing well but it was not enough to keep diabetes at bay. Then there is the genetics issue. My body is starting to look like my mother's. I have good bones, however. I will always continue to work on the details and improve my health if possible.

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@dorisena Eating healthy is definitely a plus, but all vegetables and foods in a balanced diet are not created equal. To control diabetes with diet there are a number of vegetables and fruits and even meats that are to be omitted. It also has to do with the way the food is prepared. Once again, I have to say that everyone is different, and all of the factors make the diet different for each diabetic. A dietician or doing research on the web can five information for which foods to eat. However, there is no umbrella that covers all foods for diabetes. Each person can consume some of the same foods, but not all. The Mayo Clinic food pyramid shows the basics and then the book explains portions and further explanation. It is a hard disease to manage at first, but planning and knowing are a must for each person.