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Are Nebulized saline and Aerobika beneficial?

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@windwalker888 Terri, I'm coming on to ask you a question about the toby. I've done three of the four weeks now and my breathing is not good. I never experienced much trouble with it before toby but I'm only able to do short breaths now…… is this a side effect of the med? Coughing is no better and lots of phlegm. I've done only three weeks. I also had sinus surgery at Mayo's and have been doing rinses with Levaquin because pseudomonas showed in the sinus cultures also. Do you have any advice? Thanks much — Jan

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Hi @auntnanny, it looks like the wrong person got tagged in your message. I'm tagging @windwalker to make sure she sees your question and concern about having trouble breathing with toby, and your other questions. Terri, your thoughts?

AuntNanny, in the meantime, you might want to post your questions to this discussion:
– Tobramycin https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/tobramycin/

@auntnanny Hi Jan. I am on the Toby right now. It makes me more congested than usual, but I think it is due to it breaking up steadfast crud deep down in my lungs. I find that I feel fine, no cough, no phlegm before toby treatments, then during toby, I get a little gunky, but then, at the end of 28 days on it; I am clear. Kind of like 'it's always darkest before dawn'. You know what I am saying? That is how it works for me anyway. We all react differently to meds, etc. Toby acts differently for me from month to month. For example, this month, it doesn't seem to be making my lungs feel as wet as it had in other months. And I am not getting the phlegm that it can sometimes cause. All I know is: I have had negative cultures 2016 against pseudomonas, and clear of mac since 2014. This regimen is working for me, so I am staying with it as my dr suggested. If your breathing is really bad, you should call your dr and find out if you should discontinue the toby.