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New neuropathy consult

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@jordanabrams30 I am a member of the Facebook group and have been on the full protocol since Sept 2016. I found it after my diagnosis of idiopathic small fiber peripheral neuropathy in March of 2016 and doing a lot of searching. Although it hasn't completely gotten rid of the numbness it has helped and seems to have stopped the progression which is a little subjective on my part. When I started taking the protocol of supplements the numbness was just below the knees and by Dec 2016 it felt to be just above the ankles which is where it feels like it is today. So I consider it a new normal for me. Members who have had the pain associated with their neuropathy have been able to taper off the pain drugs and replace them with the over the counter supplements. When/if you join you really need to read all of their material and documents which explains what the supplements do and how they help.

Since I joined the group back in 2016 they have become a 501c3 organization and have setup a Help Another Member program for members who are not able to afford the cost of the supplements. You can read my story here if you want to know how I found the group:

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@johnbishop great information John! Appreciate having people like you in the group and your wealth of knowledge