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Week 3 post TKR

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Hi @amytro – I am 3 1/2 weeks post surgery for a left TKR. Surgery was 1/29. I had in-home PT the first 2 weeks and did my first week of out patient PT last week. I have full extension of my knee and was at 128 degrees flexion when I started outpatient PT. (Both of my physical therapists think I'm a little ahead of schedule on reaching that level in 2 weeks and I'm happy with it!) I have been using a cane since the 2nd week. This week I was able to do a 1 mile walk outside in my neighborhood. I do PT twice a week with the therapist and on my own every other day.

You mentioned that you still need pain meds. When do you need them most? I am still taking 4 oxycodone tablets a day – 1 in the morning since I wake up stiff, 1 before PT, one about dinnertime and one before bed. I need every one. In the next week or two I will try to cut out the dinnertime pill. I wish there was another option but the Extra Strength Tylenol does nothing for me and they won't let me take any NSAIDs. I had a bad reaction with some internal bleeding so I can't even take the Celebrex I was on to start with. My therapists have always said it takes 8 weeks for tissue to heal and 12 weeks for bone to heal so I was thinking I was about average there, although I applaud @emb123 for getting off of the opiods so quickly.

Oh… in terms of sleeping, it's still a little awkward for me. I sleep best if I elevate my surgery leg. My sleep preference is on my side and I can't do that comfortably yet.

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Hi Debra. Congratulations on your success. I take the opioids all day at 4 hour intervals. If I miss, it takes twice as long to catch up again on pain control. I do PT at home 4 times a day. With sleep discomfort, it’s helpf to have a steady course of them. Tylenol doesn’t do much for me at all. I want off of them but not quite yet. My doctors have been supportive- surgery was only 2 weeks ago. Thanks for your reply. I look forward to walking outside when the ice and snow go away!

128 degrees of flexion at week 2 is outstanding! Good for you. If Tylenol isn't working and NSAIDs are out and you can't tolerate Celebrex, the oxygen will work but is overkill. You can ice more but that's just hard to do, don't know why. Just be careful with oxy, please. Congrats on a great recovery!