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One distraction from feeling miserable

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@alamogal635– Good afternoon and I too welcome you to Mayo Connect. I am also a lung cancer survivor. What type of lung cancer do you have? I understand the fear and anxiety you feel. Are you getting out and walking? Is your breathing ok and you can do this? Do you have any questions that I can help with? I'm here for you! Depression and anxiety are a pain to have but they go hand in hand with finding out that you have cancer.
I'd love for you to join the lung cancer group: https://connect.mayoclinic.org/group/lung-cancer/ There have been many topics discussed and feel free to chime in because that's what Connect is all about! Let me know about the questions.

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@merpreb Glad to be here. I have adenocarcinoma lung cancer. it was found during routine screening. It is small–about a centimeter in size, slow growing, and looks self-contained. I can breath just fine and have no symptoms yet. Ia also suffer from depression and take Fluoxetine for this. The depression is under control. yes, I am walking and doing also busy with pre-op tests and other errands I'm doing prior tot he surgery a week from tomorrow. Thank you for letting me know that such feelings are normal. I will join the lung cancer group and would like to join the depression group as well. It is great to connect with a lung cancer survivor and I am so happy for you. I think right now I want to know as much about VATS and the after effects and recovery. Also, if my postings can be of help to someone else that would be wonderful.

@merpreb finally got to my PC so I can watch…I am in tears as I see how nature can manage.

@parus Just wanted to say thanks for all the help on my messages I will not be on this group for a couple of weeks Love all of you