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We have a prone stander at home that we get her into for 20 minutes a day. She wears AFOs for this because her ankles turn inward with lots of force and thus the 20 minute limit.. She puts lots of pressure on those inner ankles. We do some range of motion exercise for her thighs, as one in particular tends to tighten up with all the sitting. She doesn't have contractures, instead has generally had low muscle tone, but does really tense up when struggling with digestive discomfort. She isn't getting physical therapy now. Throughout her school years until she was 21 physical therapy was basically working on going from sit to stand, which she does help with by pushing off on her armrests and using her leg muscles to stand.

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I should clarify that Amanda isn't able to follow directions and do exercises that we ask her to do on her own. She also had spinal fusion surgery for scoliosis, thus has no spine flexibility and when we change her we "log roll" her. She loves being out of her chair and in her bed where she has more freedom of movement. She rolls and rocks and enjoys being active. She never crawled, but does move around by rolling.

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