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endometrial ablation or Hysterectomy

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First of all I am sorry you are having such a difficult time with your cycles. I got my first cycle when I was 13 and only got it maybe 1 or twice maybe 3 times a year due to having PCOS. After getting married and trying to have kids I ended up having to go through fertility treatments. I my kids are 12 years apart 1 with fertility 1 without (the later without) but I had to be on birth control when we were not trying to get pregnant in order to regulate my cycles. At age 42 I was severe abdominal pain and a CT scan showed I had 3 fibroids in my uterus so I had a hysterectomy. I wanted the doctor to take my ovaries also but he said because I was to young to be put into menopause already.

You will have to schedule an appointment with your doctor and talk about your options. I am a nurse and I don’t know of any doctor that will do a hysterectomy just because someone wants one. You usually have to be having issues/problems.

Side not exactly 1 year after my hysterectomy the doctor ended up having to take my ovaries out also due to the ADH diagnosis and a large complex cyst on left ovary.

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Thanks for the information Khauff

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