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I think it's important to get off the opioids but I also think it's important to stay on them which trying to achieve PT goals. I know we all worry about opioid addiction, but the truth is that these drugs were created with very painful conditions like TKR in mind. I am following the dosage on the bottle and I find that without taking them, I cannot sleep, make progress at independent living, or progress in my flexion and extension. Tylenol does nothing for me. I admire people who can do with less but for those of us who cannot,I think it's important to not to feel guilty because you need the pain meds. My doctor has applied 0 pressure to get off of them. I am now at 3 weeks and 2 days post-surgery.

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Totally agree. Tylenol is totally useless for me, as well. Opioid addiction potential is highly overrated for acute post-surgical pain. My doctor has also been super generous with prescription for opioids after each procedure, it was always my choice not to use the full alloted amount. And still keep a few for “just in case”, and turn that “just in case” number in when I had a different surgery in subsequent years, and a new scrip. Which I also did not quite use up. I have 15 Oxycodone pills left (from 42 prescribed) that will probably mildew……. it’s the reassurance that I could take them if pain really and unexpectedly occurs. Not likely at 5 1/2 months after TKr.