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Hi @amytro
I am 4 weeks post surgery for a left TKR. (My right was done in 2017). In terms of sleeping, it's still a little awkward for me. I sleep best if I elevate my surgery leg. My sleep preference is on my side and I'm just beginning to be able to turn on my side comfortably. I still can't stay there long.

@ellerbracke – Yes, that was me! Your memory is great. Thanks for your good wishes. I'm doing well. I had in-home PT the first 2 weeks and then started out patient PT. At last measure, I had full extension of my knee and was at 128 degrees flexion. I have been using a cane since the 2nd week. I can walk a little over 1 mile outside in my neighborhood. I take the cane, but I usually only use in on the trip home when I'm getting tired!

At this point, I'm trying to manage my pain meds. I am still taking 3 oxycodone tablets a day – 1 in the morning since I wake up stiff, 1 about dinnertime and one before bed. I feel like I need every one, but I'm going to try to cut out the dinnertime pill soon. I wish there was another option but the Extra Strength Tylenol does nothing for me and they won't let me take any NSAIDs. I had a bad reaction with some internal bleeding so I can't even take the Celebrex I was on to start with. @ellerbracke – didn't you say you got off the opiods very quickly? Do you have any secrets or tips? I have about 6 days left on my last prescription and I'd love to not need them anymore!

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Debbra: no tricks re. getting off opioids. I so far had a total of 4 surgeries for various joints, and other than the first 5 to 7 days after surgery I usually taper off rapidly. Probably a little too soon, since I end up with some bearable pain, but I want my indepence (driving!) back asap. Drove myself to outpatient PT 9 days after right shoulder repair. A little awkward hitting the turn signals and putting car in parking gear, but I was getting cabin fever. And generally speaking, most pain medications including opioids only seem to reduce pain for me, never take it away completely. And thankfully my PT people – not a single one in the group – have ever tried to painfully manipulate whatever joint had had the surgery, so I never needed to dope up before therapy. Continued success with your recovery – you are a shining example of determination (and, of course, also some luck?) with your progress.

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