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I usually sleep on my side whenever possible, and found that bending the “new” knee to the extent possible, and putting a small, firm pillow between the knees gave me the most pain relief, especially when the TKR knee was on top. You can give that a try. Most doctors and PT people very much discourage using a pillow sideways under the knee when laying on you back since it delays the progress of getting it to become straight. I had some success with putting several sofa pillows under the knee and calf while resting the heel on the armrest of the couch…. but only for a limited time. This will still keep the knee fairly straight while taking a lot of pressure off, and keeping it elevated. It’s also easy to ice it at the same time, if this is recommended by your doctor.

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Since movement within reason is the goal, my doctors encouraged whatever position allowed me to move. Keep knee elevated during day while sitting, but keep it flat with body at night. If you are not sleeping, you will not heal. After I weaned off the narcotics (as quickly as possible), I would use Tylenol PM to help on nights when I could not get comfortable. Btw…I weaned off narcotics by getting off during day first…the going down in strength over time at night…1 pill…1/2 pill…1/4 pill, then just tylenol. This worked for my 2 medial knee replacements, my repair of spiral fracture of the fibula and my tibial plateau fracture repair.

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