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ASCUS pap one year out

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I would be asking that Dr 9 million questions. Plus are you able to take medical records to get a second opinion? I suggest you doing and making sure the place you g for the second opinion is certified national cancer institute.

You can also contact the live strong. org. they have several free resources and programs for patients who have been diagnosed with cancer. One resource helps you with understanding your medical records and they provide assistance with explaining in layman's terms the different treatment options.

Here is the website you may want to give them a call.
I wish you best.

Please keep in touch with us on here and let us know how you are doing?

All my best ..

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My doctor is out on maternity leave, so my 9 million questions are all bottled up.

All I have are several voicemails from the office after I questioned why I would have two normal paps at 6 and 9 months out and, at one year out, an ASCUS pap and shouldn't that be a red flag?

They called me back and left voicemails, the first letting me know that the paps were really not normal but insufficient/no HPV and that they'd follow up. The second voicemail came from the doc's PA, explaining that an insufficient pap with no HPV is considered normal by their office, that a negative HPV is the most important element in worrying about relapse.

And that response would be great, if we knew my cancer was primary cervical, but we don't. My cervix had been gone, due to a hysterectomy (it was a year and a half) before the lime of a squamous cell tumor was found in my colon and the same type of cancer in adjacent lymph nodes and peritoneum. When I told my primary care doctor about the three paps and the cancer center's communication from normal, normal, ASCUS, she said she didn't understand why they would say it was normal instead of being transparent and/or saying "come back in and we'll redo the pap." My primary care doctor straight-up said insufficient specimen does not mean normal. And the fact that the cancer center communicated this not once but twice has made me lose trust. I'm probably going to have to get another cancer doc, because I'll be questioning and nitpicking everything going forward.

So, the above thoughts I have to deal with emotionally, something I didn't need.

But from a purely factual perspective, here is my biggest question: is ASCUS one year out from completion of chemotherapy and radiation (including internal) a warning sign?

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