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Hi, @peggyn – I'd also like to invite @peggyella @lioness @banksnc49 @123zale @twinky @grammydove @magg @bkruppa who have mentioned using a Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) unit or something similar for themselves or a loved one. They can tell you about whether they have used this on their legs and feet and what results they had.

Also, check out the Lifestyle Approaches section on this Mayo Clinic page on self-care approaches to treating pain https://www.mayoclinic.org/self-care-approaches-to-treating-pain/art-20367322 for some info on TENS. The rest of this page may also be of interest.

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@peggyn Welcome to our group thanks Lisa for inviting me . I have used a Tens unit for along time mostly on my back when your muscles are hard as rock in a spasm and you apply the pads then start the unit you will feel a small amount of electricity going into that area this starts to relax the muscle . Mine has a time limit of 15 minutes then shuts of automatically . I have used it on my legs but never my feet altho you can . My unit is from Procure in 10 yrs I have only had to replace the pads 1 time. .When I go to my chiroprater he used one on my back plus ice or heat . On the unit itself it shows where to apply the pads. . Hope this helps.