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Weird symptoms

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Yes I did go camping but never went swimming just on a raft that was in Missouri near Branson my temp has been staying in the 99 range and before all this I had an issue with with my bladder like frequent need to go and was in pain but they found nothing then a week after that stopped my throat had a sensation that there was something stuck that went on for a month and finally went away. Then I got the feeling like like I had to constantly swallow do to a lot of saliva build up and then the Metal taste in my mouth started with swollen tongue. Then these numbness sensations came on in my face and in my tongue and then the heaviness in my legs and arms. It’s very strange and odd. Last year I had a few episodes where my big toe on my right side kept going numb and feeling as if I had pins and needles in it. I have had lots of weird feelings like when getting out of the shower a few months ago my arms would be itching and burning and laast year for months I had like a feeling of something crawling on me and it would move all over my body and that was very very nerve wracking I have had many many weird sensations over the last 2 years I have had a ct scan about 2 and half years ago due to not being able to see out of the sides of my vison and they didn’t see anything then. I’m losing my mind over this because it just feels like I’m never going to feel good again I can tell you this before my daughter who is now 3 before I got pregnant with her I was feeling pain all I’ve rmy body and felt like I had the flu constantly it felt just like flu pains. That went on for a long time months and then when I got pregnant with my daughter those symptoms went away and now I have new ones so it is a mystery and I have seen many doctors and haven’t found really anything they did some blood work a few months ago and all the found was i was a lil anemic so that is the whole back story of when I started noticing weird things happening it was a few months before I got pregnant with my 6th child

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My husband had a similar thing with the bladder. He had acquired a taste for chocolate milk and donuts. The constant influx of sugar cause tend to develop interstitial Cystitis. We spent $5000 in an out patient procedure that did in fact confirm the diagnosis. He was given medicine that cost over $200 a month and didn’t really stop the pain in the bladder nor did it stop the frequency urges. He decided to do an experiment and quit eating chocolate milk and donuts on a regular basis. Within one month he no longer needed medicine. Bladder healed. We found out later that he has hemachromatosis which when left untreated causes all the organs including the pancreas and the heart even the brain to become weekend by excess iron. Even if you had hemachromatosis you’re too young to be experiencing the cumulative effects – plus your are female. (Menstruation offers a bit of protection from accumulating too much iron) But sugar could be playing a role and/or your particular metabolizing of sugar.
Another thought just an idea you mentioned this has been going on for about two years so you must go back those two years with your diary and anything you can think of that you’ve done in those two years again the least little thing different if you can remember write it down – For instance have you had any immunizations during the past two years / at the beginning of the symptoms? If so write those down – what kind of shot, when you had it, when symptoms begin to occur, etc. I had to take a booster shot for Tetnus in order to qualify for a volunteer program I was going to a disaster area – I had similar symptoms similar to the heaviness in the arm that you describe where the shot was given. Throwing out these ideas to help you search your memories for any little thing that may seem insignificant.
But the tingling you describe reminded me of what my husband used to say when he was overloading his body with all that sugar and his pancreas no doubt wasn’t keeping up and he had the burning and the tingling in the feet and the toes and the bladder thing .
Pardon the long post but another thing that is highly suggested? Read all you can on the healing effects of Turmeric. Look into digestive enzymes and proteolytic enzyme‘s. You might try illuminating soy wheat and dairy from your diet and your sugar! A week to 10 days as an experiment may offer up some relief – you will notice if you feel any better. Likewise with vitamin D three most of us are deficient. These are just natural things that certainly can do no harm and they may very well make you feel better. It’s amazing how our bodies can heal when given the bright building blocks!

@kriss86 I have several suggestions and listed some links. I hope you will find something that helps you in your search.

What I might suggest as a first step is an evaluation by a neurologist, and they would determine what tests they think you need based on your symptoms. They will likely test for things like Lyme Disease, autoimmune disease, thyroid disease or physical problems that can cause these symptoms. You might want to make a diagram of the body and mark where the pain is and what type of pain, and how and when it changes.

I searched and found some useful links about Lyme and posted them below. You may also have tight tissue contributing to nerve compression, and after reading your profile, I see you are a young mom. Possibly pregnancy could cause some mis-alignment of pelvic bones. Tight muscles can pinch nerves near the pelvis causing leg symptoms. A physical therapy evaluation with a therapist who does Myofascial release might be able to help if this is a physical problem. I do this therapy myself for thoracic outlet syndrome and a spine issue that had surgery.

You need a detective to figure out what direction to look and to check for multiple problems that can cause an overlap in symptoms.

I collected a lot of information about MFR physical therapy in another discussion that you can find at
MFR has helped me resolve a lot of pain and tingling. While in physical therapy for TOS, I had a disc rupture in my neck and cause spinal cord compression, and I had surgery at Mayo for that. MFR has helped in my recovery from surgery and the scar tissue it creates as well as my TOS (thoracic outlet syndrome).

Other things that can cause similar symptoms would be food issues with gluten if you possibly have gluten sensitivity or celiac disease or food allergies. Even spine problems can cause symptoms like that, but you are young, and those problems tend to increase with aging. If you have congenital spine issues or have had an injury such as a whiplash, there could be an undiagnosed spine problem which a neurologist could evaluate. You can test the food and gluten stuff yourself with an elimination diet. It could also be a several different things going on at the same time contributing to those symptoms, and you might have to add pieces of the puzzle until you figure out what is wrong. With a raised temperature, it does sound like something infectious, and a metalic taste in your mouth can actually be from metals if your have them in your system, or from prescription drugs or supplements. I have had all my old silver amalgam fillings removed from my mouth, and they are known to cause leaching of mercury vapor and contain tin and silver metals. Foreign things like that can cause health problems, and there are blood tests for metals that might be in your body. According to my doctor, that was a cause of my Hashimotos' thyroid disease. Before I had the filings removed, the antibody levels against my thyroid were off the charts, and after removal, the levels were read and were low, but not gone. My thyroid function has improved since then. If you have an autoimmune disease, you are more at risk to have others.

I've read an excellent book by Donna Jackson Nakazawa about how trauma during childhood can cause disease later in life, called "Childhood Disrupted, How Your Biography Becomes your Biology, and How you can Heal", and she has a few more about health conditions. She has overcome these kinds of issues in her life and regained her health.

This book is about how to overcome autoimmune problems.
She has another book about figuring things out
Celiac & gluten
Hashimoto's thyroid disease causes enlargement of the tounge
Videos for doctors about Lyme disease
Symptom checker for Lyme disease

I would keep asking the doctors for help. If you don't ask you won't get anywhere. Sounds like you need more tests. I'm not a doctor but it could be Lyme disease and it's coinfections can cause all those symptoms and more, plus…the spirochetes hate heat…the lyme disease and coinfection tests that regular doctors do are outdated and inaccurate like the Elisa and the Western Blot. You don't have to be bitten by a tick, it could be a spider, mosquito or other biting fly etc…It will affect you when your immune system is low. If you exhausted all your other tests with no results then maybe see a Lyme Specialist. I know two things for me that were specific for Lyme was when I ate sugar or carbs I would be in overall body pain the next day and when I was put on an antibiotic for something else like a sinus infection I would get better but my symptoms would return if I got stressed or especially if I ate sugar, dairy, wheat. I have a Tarlov Cyst in my sacrum that affects my bladder. Lyme and it's coinfections will attack the parts of the body that are weak.

I’ve been thinking about what you said that the symptoms went away while you were pregnant. Did you take prenatal vitamins? Also thinking about recently you said that your doctor mentioned that you were a little anemic. I recently read something about low Thiamin which is basically B1 vitamin – causing symptoms like yours. So, it’s worth an experiment (if it was me). Do you still have some of the prenatal vitamins? Wouldn’t it be something if what you have is a B vitamin deficiency? (Anemia is helped by B6 and B12) I have Hashimoto’s disease and one of the things that I do that makes me feel better is to take methylated B vitamins. One of the things in my particular case is I have a genetic predisposition not to metabolize folate properly. (2 copies of the MFTHR gene – hope I got that acronym right!). So I get all kinds of weird symptoms including panic attacks, tenseness, etc. but when I take the methylated B vitamins much of that melts away within hours! What happens is I get to feeling better and I forget to take the B vitamins and then I have to start all over again but it always works! Anyway thought to mention it I keep thinking about you and I do hope you’re finding some relief.