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Weird symptoms

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In the meantime it is strongly suggested that you make a journal or diary if you will, document the times and days and what you’re doing when it occurs because many times we get to the doctors office and we forget. I would include the camping trip where you went geographically if you went swimming if you drank or swallowed any of the water accidentally even. The least little thing might give the doctor an idea of what’s going on and a direction to look – it may seem insignificant to us and it may very well be the key to unlocking the whole puzzle. If you’ve had any fevers that come and go, anynausea, brain fog – any little thing that might seem insignificant any tiredness any muscle stiffness any joint aches and pains no matter how fleeting, try to write them down and remember when it all started. I live on a farm and I’m a great outdoor enthusiast as is most of my family living in several different states. Many of us have had sudden onset symptoms such as what you described because we are outside and we are exposed to the bites of ticks into the amoeba and bacteria and viruses of unfiltered water. Generally there will be a fever associated with these diseases that one can acquire from enjoying the great outdoors. My brother-in-law who is 6 foot seven and right at 200 pounds the most physically fit man I know and strong as an ox had symptoms like yours only accompanied by a high fever. He had acquired a disease from a tick that the doctors didn’t even recognize they weren’t quite sure what it was it wasn’t Lyme disease they knew what it wasn’t! Still they were able to do an assessment and with treatment it took about a month to six weeks but he’s as right as rain once again. Hang in there! So glad to hear you’re going to make it to the doctor. Please share what you learned and especially any good news about what makes you feel better!

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Yes I did go camping but never went swimming just on a raft that was in Missouri near Branson my temp has been staying in the 99 range and before all this I had an issue with with my bladder like frequent need to go and was in pain but they found nothing then a week after that stopped my throat had a sensation that there was something stuck that went on for a month and finally went away. Then I got the feeling like like I had to constantly swallow do to a lot of saliva build up and then the Metal taste in my mouth started with swollen tongue. Then these numbness sensations came on in my face and in my tongue and then the heaviness in my legs and arms. It’s very strange and odd. Last year I had a few episodes where my big toe on my right side kept going numb and feeling as if I had pins and needles in it. I have had lots of weird feelings like when getting out of the shower a few months ago my arms would be itching and burning and laast year for months I had like a feeling of something crawling on me and it would move all over my body and that was very very nerve wracking I have had many many weird sensations over the last 2 years I have had a ct scan about 2 and half years ago due to not being able to see out of the sides of my vison and they didn’t see anything then. I’m losing my mind over this because it just feels like I’m never going to feel good again I can tell you this before my daughter who is now 3 before I got pregnant with her I was feeling pain all I’ve rmy body and felt like I had the flu constantly it felt just like flu pains. That went on for a long time months and then when I got pregnant with my daughter those symptoms went away and now I have new ones so it is a mystery and I have seen many doctors and haven’t found really anything they did some blood work a few months ago and all the found was i was a lil anemic so that is the whole back story of when I started noticing weird things happening it was a few months before I got pregnant with my 6th child

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