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Weird symptoms

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Thank you for responding that eases my worries a bit. I know dr google isn’t always the answer as it could be so many things. I have been under a lot of stress lately for the last few months and I know stress can cause some really odd weird symptoms. I’m going to give it another week or two and see if the symptoms in my arm and leg go away I did do some excersises last week that I dont normally do so maybe related. Thank you for your help😃 sometimes out minds get the best of us haha

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Hello @kriss86 and welcome to Connect,

Here at Connect we cannot diagnose medical problems but only share from our personal experiences, I would encourage you to seek some medical attention sooner rather than later. These symptoms, might be stress-related, but they do sound like a neurological problem that needs to be diagnosed.

The fact that they come and go is perplexing and many neurological problems are hard to diagnose unless you are in the middle of an episode, like MS, Parkinson's or even small strokes. I had symptoms of a neurological disorder for many years before it was diagnosed so keep looking for answers, with a good medical team.

The numbness, heaviness, etc. that you mention warrant a call or message on your doctor's patient portal.

Will you give that a try rather than waiting?

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